A strong team for animal nutrition: Acids and nutrients

Acids improve the hygiene status of feedingstuffs. In this context they also have a variety of desirable effects on constitution, performance and well-being of farm livestock and domestic pets. They have a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, improve the flavour of the feed and can be supplemented with further nutrients.

When mixed in the correct proportions acid-nutrient combinations are a highly effective alternative to conventional performance enhancers. This action is based on several factors:

With judicious selection and combination of different organic acids these effects can be controlled and enhanced, depending on the animal species and the desired effect.

Examples of applications in animal nutrition

Pigs and poultry Cattle Water/Liquid feed Domestic pets Aquaculture
Specific Ligrana acid combinations have been used with benefit in pig and poultry nutrition. Their bactericidal and bacteriostatic mode of action promotes digestion, thus preventing nutritionally or bacteriologically induced disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The beneficial effect on protein digestion improves feed conversion. The use of flavour-enhancing acids increases feed intake.
Acid-nutrient mixtures are highly effective at stabilising feed in the trough during wet and warm weather. Their use also aims to provide additional energy and nutrients. At certain stages of production when a cow’s feed intake capacity is limited, glucoplastic substances provide a highly efficient source of energy. Vitamins and trace elements are added to supplement the diet.
Water is the cheapest and at the same time an elementary component of animal nutrition. Its quality is crucial for healthy, productive livestock.

Drinking and feeding lines in particular often pose a hygienic problem because they provide an optimal medium for harmful microorganisms to grow in. The use of suitable acid mixtures ensures efficient microbial reduction and a safe hygiene status.
Pet food with a low microbial content allows problem-free storage. Stabilisation of the acid status in the gastrointestinal tract effectively enhances animal health. Special acid mixtures lower the pH while being flavour-neutral and improve the intake of calcium from the diet. This strengthens teeth and bones, especially in young animals during the growth phase.
In fish and crustaceans the use of suitable acids leads to a significant improvement in feed conversion and a marked reduction in mortality.
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