Preservation: Acids protect and preserve

Individual organic acids possess different activity spectra and mechanisms. Intelligently combined and dosed they provide protection from undesirable microorganisms and their effects.

Buffering the acid mixture reduces its corrosiveness and facilitates its application.

Examples of applications in preservation


Adding liquid or granulated acid mixtures preserves feed raw materials during storage, retaining their value as hygienically safe nutrient sources. The action of acids when used in feedingstuffs is based on a range of different effects:

  • Inhibition of the development of moulds, yeasts and bacteria
  • Reduction of nutrient losses
  • Reduction of mycotoxin formation

Applications include cereals and other plant-based raw materials (wet maize, legumes etc.), compound feeds and industrial by-products (beer draff, distiller’s dried grains etc.)

Biogas Substrates

Biogas substrates from renewable raw materials and industrial by-products are exposed to a high risk of loss during storage. Microorganisms rapidly convert the energy contained in the substrate into CO2, water and thermal energy. The use of appropriate acids inhibits colonisation by harmful microorganisms and their activity. The valuable energy remains intact for the biogas process.

The principal applications are renewable raw materials (wet cereal, CCM etc.) and industrial by-products (bakery waste, brewer’s grains, distiller’s residues, slaughter waste etc.).

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