Our factory produces top quality products flexibly and efficiently

Our manufacturing process is subject to stringent controls and uses gentle, accurate technology. The sophisticated technical design of the plant enables us to realise unusual ideas from customers and provide flexible solutions.

Each customer is offered a tailor-made service package, with variable lot sizes, individual labelling, professional storage and shipping if required.

Mixing Buffering Adsorbates Packaging Shipping
In our leading-edge V4 A mixing vessels we produce batches of between 5 m³ and 25 m³ of liquid, mainly organic acid mixtures for different applications.
Our factory has the technology for ammonia injection. This reduces the corrosiveness of the acid mixtures. The procedure allows high acid concentrations with maximum efficacy and improved handling.
Liquid acid mixtures – also in buffered form – are applied to carriers with a vacuum in a specially designed „dry mixer“. The acid adsorbates can contain an amount of acid that is 1.5 times the volume of the carrier. Efficient use is guaranteed by a high acid concentration in the product.
In addition to professional packaging of powdered products in bulk sacks or big bags, there is a state-of-the-art filling facility for the liquid mixtures.

Packaging of liquids: bulk, IBC (1,000 kg), barrels (210 kg), canisters (25 kg)
Packaging of granulates: 15/20/25 kg sacks, big bags, bulk

Our logistics department ships products safely, quickly and at low cost.
The Eilsleben factory near Magdeburg is logistically located. This means short routes and favourable transport costs for our customers and suppliers.
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